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How To Share Your Data

To share data with a partner, you must be connected on Crossbeam. Once your partner is onboard and you have established your partnership in Crossbeam, you're ready to share data.

  • Choose “Share Data” from the Partners page, or navigate to “Sharing” from the Account Menu.
  • Select the Partner that will receive your data.
  • Select your population to which the data sharing rule you’re creating will apply
  • Select the partner population to search for matches
  • Select the population attributes that you want to share. These will depend on what data you pulled into Crossbeam, but could be things like account executive name, company size, or contacts on an account.
  • Click “Share Your Data.”
  • Once you've shared data with your partner, they will begin receiving the additional details about your mutual overlaps.
  • When your partner sets up a reciprocal data sharing rule with you, you'll see the additional details they're sending you with their data sharing rule.