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Marketo Admin permissions are required to complete portions of the setup process.

Prior to set up, we recommend that you monitor your Marketo API call usage if other applications are also connected to your Marketo account.

1: Create an API-Only User Role in Marketo

If you have an API-Only User Role in your Marketo account, skip to the next section.

  • Sign into your Marketo account.
  • Click Admin
  • Under Admin, open the Security menu.
  • Click Users & Roles
  • Click the Roles tab
  • Click New Role
  • In the Create New Role window, do the following:
    • Role Name - Enter a name for the role. If it’s specific to Crossbeam, make the name specific - something like “Crossbeam API Role.”
    • Description - Enter a description.
    • Permissions - Click the checkbox next to the Access API option.
  • Click Create

2: Create a Crossbeam Marketo API User

Next, create an API User for Crossbeam. Creating a Crossbeam-specific user ensures that Crossbeam is easily distinguishable in any logs or audits.

  • Click Admin
  • Under Admin, open the Security menu
  • Click Users & Roles
  • In the Users tab, click Invite New User
  • In the INFO section, enter an email address and first and last name
  • Click Next
  • In the PERMISSIONS section, click the checkboxes next to the API User Role you created and the API Only option
  • Click Next In the MESSAGE section, click the Send button to create the user.

3: Create an API Custom Service in Marketo

To generate the API credentials you need to connect Crossbeam to Marketo, create an API Custom Service and associate it with the Crossbeam API user.

  • In Admin, open the Integration menu
  • Click LaunchPoint
  • Click New and then New Service
  • In the New Service window, do the following:
    • Display Name - Enter “Crossbeam”
    • Service - Select Custom from the dropdown
    • Description - Enter a description
    • API Only User - Select the Crossbeam user you created
  • Click Create
  • After the service is created, it will display in the Installed Services grid. Click the View Details link to display your API credentials Copy the Client ID and Secret into a text file

4: Whitelist the following IP Addresses in Marketo

Completing this step is required only if you have IP Restriction enabled in Marketo. You can check if this setting is enabled by clicking Admin > Web Services and looking in the IP Restrictions section. If this setting isn’t enabled, skip ahead to the next step.

  • In the Integration menu, click Web Services
  • In the IP Restrictions section, click the Edit button.
  • In the Allowed Addresses field, paste one of the IP addresses listed below and then click Add.

  • Repeat step 4 until all the Crossbeam IP addresses are added.

  • Save

Leave the Web Services page open - you’ll need it in the next step.

5: Retrieve Your Marketo REST API Base URLs

  • On the Web Services page, scroll down to REST API
  • In this section, find the Endpoint and Identity fields.
  • Copy these URLs into the text file where you have your Client ID and Client Secret.

6: Log into Crossbeam and navigate to "Integrations" in the Account Menu.

Connect to Marketo

7: Configure your Marketo connection within Crossbeam by entering the Client ID and Secret from Step 4 and the Endpoint from Step 5.

Connect to Marketo